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We share a close relationship with both potential buyers and our homeowners. Read what our homeowners are saying about All Star Vacation Homes Realty and our sister companies, All Star Vacation Homes and Beyond Furnishings.

I wanted to tell you how much Sherri and I appreciate all that All Star Vacation Homes and Beyond Furnishings has done for us this year. Three years ago, Sherri and the kids suggested going to Walt Disney World® Resort. Once we started looking for a place to stay, we quickly figured out that there was absolutely no way we would stay with 3 kids in a 400-square-foot hotel room. We looked into getting two adjoining rooms, but most of the places wouldn’t guarantee they would be adjoining until we got there and it was very expensive.

A month went by and Sherri suggested looking for a house to rent. I had just recently returned from a business trip where the company I was visiting put me in a home instead of a hotel, so when Sherri suggested it, I was all for it. She started her search on the net and found several management companies in Central Florida. It was perfectly clear which company ran the world-class operation; it was All Star Vacation Homes. We searched the homes; picked the one that best suited us and booked it. We found that the kids were just as excited at the home as they were at the parks, so there was no pressure to stay for 12 hours every day at the parks. When we got home, the kids would play the games or go swimming while Sherri and I relaxed. It was a true vacation.

Then Sherri and I started to plan our next stay at All Star, when we thought we should maybe look into buying a vacation home. That also, was just an incredible experience. Sandy was so helpful, and worked with us while we pondered over this for almost a year. Even when we came down for the second time to look at homes, she worked with us until the very end of the day and we bought the very last home we looked at.

We bought a brand-new home and it needed to be furnished. Sandy got us in contact with Beyond Furnishings. The home needed to be completely furnished with everything from games, to furniture to TVs. It also needed colors and literally millions of decisions needed to be made and we are about 1,500 miles away. After just a couple phone conversations with Beyond Furnishings, our part was done. Beyond Furnishing took care of everything and had everything completed by the due date. Our family came down when they got done and we were the first to stay in the home. It had to be one of the best 20 experiences ever. Now it is our home, and we get the opportunity to share it with other families who get to experience what our family loves to do so much.

None of this would have been possible without your team. Sherri and I wanted to thank all of you so much for everything. Everything about your companies is world class. Please keep up the awesome work.

S. Hedrick


All Star has managed our home for us for the past two years and we have thoroughly enjoyed and profited from this relationship. Even though we have a large investment so far away, our confidence and trust in All Star to manage our investment remains firm.

The Walker Family

United Kingdom

[We have enjoyed] the quality of the service and the peace of mind in having such a professional group caring for our home and guests.

A. Norris

United Kingdom

I am thrilled with the house, the location and the investment.

S. Krause